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Luke 18v16 Vinyl Wall Decal 1
“Let the little children come to me, and do not hinder them, for the kingdom of God belongs to such as these.” Luke 18:16

Luke 18v16 Vinyl Wall Decal 1

About Products from Wild Eyes Signs

* Colors can be selected from our Wild Eyes Signs Color Palette.
* Our Vinyl Wall Decals are made with high-quality removable vinyl and are custom cut when purchased.
* These removable matte-finish vinyl decals will look painted on when applied to the wall.
* This product is a one-time application. The decals are removable, but not reusable.
* Apply the decals in an area that is out of reach for small children.
* Due to condition and age of walls prior to application, small damage may occur upon removal.
* Removable vinyl wall decals from Wild Eyes Signs can be applied to almost all clean, smooth, dust and grease-free surfaces.
* We recommend installation to smooth, semi-gloss or gloss enamel paint. Avoid matte-finish Latex paints and paints that contain anti-graffiti agents or stain blockers, as well as Low VOC or VOC-free paints, sand paints and suede paints.

* Not recommended for application to unpainted wood, textured walls, stucco, concrete, brick or over grout lines.
* Our recommendation is to wait at least 3 weeks after painting walls to allow the paint to cure, or follow your paint manufacturer’s recommended cure times.
* Included in your order is a FREE test decal, as well as detailed step-by-step instructions.
* Any sample photo used is for illustrative purposes and may not be to scale! Measure area to ensure good fit.*NOTE: All sizes greater than 22″H will come as 2 pieces of vinyl with guides to assist in installation. Custom sizing is available; please contact us for details.
* Be sure to read our policies section prior to purchase.

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We would be happy to assist with any custom decal requests you may have. There are many ways we can help you with creative vinyl decor and expressions. We have many that can compliment and assist with home decor, office decor and church decor. Please contact us for details.


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